About my work

Hello everyone! This is Lorena. My professional self is devoted to improving people’s quality of life, while my scholar self is on a research journey on cognitive processes, with a focus on memory and attention.

I am also qualified and experienced in personal training and nutrition, and most of my counseling experience revolves around self-image, self-esteem, relationship with food and weight management journeys, interpersonal relationships…

These factors certainly don’t work in a vacuum. So, why would I?

My approach is always holistic, evidence-based and superstition-free. And I’m sure we’ll be good pals but you deserve more than friendly talk. With me, you truly are in multidisciplinary, professional hands.

Happy to help. You’ve got this!

If you are thinking LET’S DO THIS!, just drop me a message and we’ll take it from there: [email protected]

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