About my work

Hello everyone! This is Lorena, I am a psychologist working as a lifestyle counselor. I am also qualified and experienced in personal training and nutrition. My current work is the product of what has to be the most valuable lesson that my professional experience has given me: Context beyond the slot occupied by my service is crucial. So, in order to reach my full potential in helping others, I had to acknowledge that mental health, exercise, nutrition and relationship with food, sleep, self-image, self-esteem and confidence, identity, professional life, interpersonal relationships… simply don’t work in a vacuum. So, why would I?

My scholar self is on a research journey on cognitive processes. My professional self is devoted to improving people’s quality of life through an integrated approach that combines all of my skills and puts them at your service.

Our contextual, psychological and physical circumstances perpetually influence one another. A skilled analysis of the whole picture, from all angles of a problem, has proven to lead to quicker and, most importantly, longer-lasting results.

My approach is always evidence-based and superstition-free. And I’m sure we’ll be good pals but you deserve more than friendly talk. With me, you truly are in multidisciplinary, professional hands.

Happy to help. You’ve got this!

If you are thinking LET’S DO THIS!, just drop me a message and we’ll take it from there: [email protected]

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